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Join the 2,500 Restaurants Who’ve Got Access to Our £2.5m Voucher Fund


We are so confident that we will deliver a Return on Investment that we are offering a Money Back Guarantee!

If we don’t pre-pay you more than your membership fee in a 12 month period we will refund the difference! 


To date, Gourmet Guide Restaurant Vouchers have been redeemed over 26,000 which means that our payments team has pre-paid restaurants £1,906,421 before the clients dined! 

But fear not, we sell more vouchers every day and still have over 30,000 voucher holders who between them have over £2,500,000 that must be spent in the next 12 months.

El Gato Negro, Manchester
El Gato Negro, Manchester£11,055
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To date there have been 158 Gourmet Guide Restaurant Vouchers redeemed at El Gato Negro, Manchester. This equates to 458 diners and pre-payments totalling £11,055
Tattu, Manchester
Tattu, Manchester£8,955
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Always popular for a special occasion, Gourmet Guide Restaurant Vouchers have been used 118 times at Tattu and our payments team have pre-paid £8,955 on behalf of 283 diners.
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Whether its a special occasion or just Tuesday night tea, Gusto has proved to be a popular choice for 171 of our voucher holders. Between them they have taken 581 diners with them to Gusto Restaurants and our team have pre-paid £10,587 on their behalf.


The Gourmet Guide has over 30,000 Voucher Holders who between them have over £2,500,000 that they must spend in our Parter Restaurants in the next 12 months.

They book through us, we book with you and pay you BEFORE the clients dine so there are zero no-shows! 

The Gourmet Guide website has over 100,000 monthly visitors and all of them are looking for somewhere to dine. Therefore the Gourmet Guide is responsible for literally thousands of reservations each month at restaurants throughout the UK.

All of the latest Covid-19 restrictions have had us hard at work developing new technologies for our partner restaurants and we are delighted to now release E-Waiter!

E-Waiter allows your customers to order food and drinks and pay for their meal from their table by scanning a QR Code on their mobile phone.

All orders a sent to an easy to use management platform and payments are processed via Stripe and sent straight into your bank account.

E-Waiter is free to use for all partner restaurants with just a 2% transaction fee being deducted from the settlement amount. 

If you’d like a Gourmet Guide badge of honour to encourage more walk-ins just let us know and we will happily send one out in the post to you.

Our book ‘Gourmet Guide Restaurant Recipes – 100 Delicious Dishes from Outstanding Professional Chefs’ will be released soon and we are offering partner restaurants to be featured with a 2 page spread.

Your inclusion will include a Chef Profile, a Restaurant Profile and a recipe that you choose from your menu.